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Care Plan: An agreed plan of work that has been discussed between you, your clinician, and parents if necessary, that details what you will be doing, with whom, and how often.

Behaviour Resource Service

The BRS team is part of the Integrated Family Assessment and Intervention Service (IFAIS) in Southampton. IFAIS combines the functions of specialist family assessment and intervention, facilitated contact and BRS therapeutic services for children and families across the pathway in Southampton. Its purpose is to complete specialist assessment and relevant change intervention for children and families who meet criteria threshold for this service. The guiding principal of the service is a fluidity of care pathway for children and families through this service.

BRS is a jointly commissioned multi-agency team with a focus on assessment and intervention of children in the care of Southampton City Council. This includes children placed with adoptive parents, friends and family and subject to Special Guardianship Orders. In addition the criteria for referral also include children at significant risk of entering the care system (i.e the threshold for care has been met but with intervention crisis situations may be turned around), children at risk of requiring out-of-city provision (to include residential and psychiatric in-patient care) and a focus on the Multi Agency Resource Panel, MARP agenda.

The BRS only accepts referrals from CAMHS and Children’s Services.

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