Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

DBT has been developed for people who have difficulties with relationships, self image, mood and behaviour such as self harm..

DBT might have been suggested if you:

  • experience feeling empty
  • use self-harm
  • put yourself in risky situations
  • feel angry a lot of the time and feel guilty
  • struggle to maintain your relationships.

Put simply DBT is often useful for people who feel that their lives are in chaos and they are not sure how to get their control back.

DBT focuses on helping people tolerate distress, regulate their emotions, communicate effectively and understand themselves better.

Group Work

Part of DBT treatment is working in a small group of up to 9 young people that will run weekly for 2 hours each week. The group works through modules on different skills which may help with some of your difficulties.

The groups involve being taught new skills and sharing experiences about how you have used these skills and how useful you found them.

Each week you will have new things to work on in your own time at home.

Individual Work

The other part of DBT treatment is individual sessions. These sessions give you the opportunity to talk about your experiences in more detail and focus on your own targets.

The Rules

Because it is important to overcome the challenges that you are facing and get on with reaching your goals DBT asks for a lot of commitment from you to:

  • Be motivated to work hard to reduce unhelpful behaviour patterns
  • Attend regularly (miss 3 sessions in a row and your DBT treatment will stop)
  • Expect that treatment will be hard at times and be ready for this

If you are interested in taking the idea of doing DBT further you will be offered pre-treatment sessions. These appointments will allow us to discuss your motivation and to find out whether DBT is the right treatment for you.

It is important that you think carefully about the decision to access DBT since it is a big commitment. However, most young people who have stuck it out have found it really useful.

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