Controlling Worries Group

This group is available at tier 2 and 3 in Portsmouth

Why a group?

Looking at things like emotions and behaviour can be better in groups because:

  • It lets you know that you are not the only person to have difficulties. Other people, of a similar age, also find it hard to manage their anxiety – you’re not the odd one out!
  • Everybody in the group will be there because they need a little bit of help and they want to learn how to gain more control over the worries.
  • More people mean more suggestions for how things can get better. This helps you work out which way is best for you.
  • The format of the group will be very similar to the type of help you would get in individual work.
  • It gives you the chance to be with people your age who have similar worries and who will understand you.

Aims of the Group

  • Learn about what anxiety is
  • Learn about how anxiety makes us think, feel and behave
  • Think about how worry can hold us back in life
  • See how anxiety can be helpful in certain situations
  • Allow young people to share and explore their worries
  • Empower young people to gain control over their worries
  • Learn coping strategies and relaxation techniques
  • Learn how to cope with setbacks and plan for the future.

Group Participants

Boys and girls aged between 8 and 13 who all have difficulties in managing their worries at home and in school.

The group is run by a dedicated team.

We try to make the group fun as well as supportive, so in our final session we get you to write your worries on a balloon...

Then release them into the air and wave goodbye to your worries!!

Parental Involvement

There are two parent sessions offered alongside the children’s group where parents can get together, share experiences and learn how to support their child in managing their own worries. Parents can also help by –

  • Discussing concepts and ideas learnt in the group
  • Support your child in overcoming their worries
  • Helping your child to use strategies taught in the group
  • Lead by example!

Commitment – it is essential that you commit to the group and bring your child to each session so that your child and the other children can all benefit

Confidentiality – your child may discuss events and circumstances that other individuals have disclosed to the group so please be mindful of their privacy

There will be a post-group follow-up session to consolidate the young people’s learning and look at next steps for the future. Parents will be invited to attend the last part of the session in order to think about any set-backs that may occur in the future and ways of managing these.

Have a look at our leaflet for information and to see what other children have said about the group.


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