Sleep Assessment

Several of our clinicians have had speciality training from the Southampton Sleep Clinic and so can offer intervention and consultation where sleep problems might be having an impact on mental health. It is clear that if a child has difficulties with sleeping, this can have a massive impact on not only them but the whole family. When we are sleep deprived, it makes everything else in our lives more difficult.

Sleep Assessment

The first thing we will do is arrange a meeting with you to discuss what you are having problems with, this could include:

  • Behavioural insomnia - problems going to sleep and staying asleep through the night
  • Sleep onset association disorder - needing specific things present in order to fall asleep (milky drink, teddy bear, parent)
  • Poor sleep hygiene - what happens in the lead up to bedtime, and the night time environment
  • Sleep walking
  • Night terrors
  • Rhythmic movement disorder
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Breathing disorders such as sleep apnoea
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Delayed/advanced sleep phase sydrome

If we are able to manage the issue, we will normally ask you to record sleep diaries for a few weeks so we can identify exactly what is happening, at what time, and with whom. From this we can work out a sleep plan together for you to put into place. It is usually easier to do this in school holidays when there is less pressure to have enough sleep and wake up early!

Sometimes if the problem is beyond our expertise we will be able to refer you to a specialist clinic.

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