Cognitive Assessment: A special set of tasks to determine level of ability, strengths and weaknesses


Most young people experience ups and down and occasionally will feel down or upset by certain things going on. But some young people feel sad, lonely, down, anxious or stressed for longer periods of time to the point that it can affect their everyday lives and can prevent them from doing things they would normally do. This is known as depression.

Symptoms of depression include:-

  • not wanting to do things that you previously enjoyed,
  • not wanting to meet up with friends or avoiding situations
  • sleeping more or less than normal
  • eating more or less than normal
  • feeling irritable, upset, miserable or lonely
  • being self-critical
  • feeling hopeless
  • maybe wanting to self-harm
  • feeling tired and not having any energy.

Depression can be caused by a reaction to something in your life such as abuse, family breakdown or bullying. Depression may run in your family and be caused by genetic factors or it may be that you are under a lot of stress and feel you have a lack of support.

Depression is not the same as manic depression which is another term for bipolar disorder where people experience extreme highs and lows.

Depression is easy to treat if you get help for it. Have a look at how we can help you deal with it.

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