Care Plan: An agreed plan of work that has been discussed between you, your clinician, and parents if necessary, that details what you will be doing, with whom, and how often.

Parents and Carers

Coming to CAMHS might feel like a daunting prospect for parents as well as children. Clinicians will usually want to speak to the family as well as the child in order to get a full picture of what is going on, and to ask the questions that your children might not know the answer to.

Options appointment / Initial assessment

Once your child has been referred to CAMHS, you will be invited to attend an Options/Initial assessment Appointment. This is our first chance to meet you and find out what it is you need help with, and what are the options that we can offer you. It is helpful if you are prepared with information about:

  • when problems started
  • how long they have been going on for
  • if there is a pattern to the problems - do they occur more at certain times of the day?
  • any difficulties in school or socially
  • any physical health problems either now or in the past
  • significant events that have happened in the family
  • any other services that are involved

We will try to give you as much information as possible but if you have specific questions it can be helpful to make a list of questions to bring with you, your clinician will be happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

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