Cognitive Assessment: A special set of tasks to determine level of ability, strengths and weaknesses

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This page contains definitions for terms you might hear used in mental health but are not sure what they mean.

The reaction we get in threatening or fearful situations, which is experienced as negative thoughts, physical sensations in the body, worry feelings and behaviours to avoid the distressing situation.
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Usually the first time you meet someone they will ask lots of questions so they understand the big picture of what is going on for you.
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Care Plan
An agreed plan of work that has been discussed between you, your clinician, and parents if necessary, that details what you will be doing, with whom, and how often.
Cognitive Assessment
A special set of tasks to determine level of ability, strengths and weaknesses
We have rules about keeping what you tell us private, but sometimes if we are worried about your safety we might have to tell certain people about you in order to make sure you are safe.
Confirming that you understand and agree to the intervention we are offering.
Persistent low mood and loss of interest in things that you normally enjoy.
When your intervention has come to an end and we say farewell.
Means the treatment that we offer you in CAMHS to manage your difficulties.
Learning Disability
A state of arrested or incomplete development of mind, with significant impairment of intellectual functioning and significant impairment of adaptive/social functioning that occurs before age 18.
NICE Guidelines
The "National Institute for Health and Care Excellence" or NICE for short, suggests what interventions are best to deal with certain difficulties.
Options/Initial Appointment
In Portsmouth, the first time we meet is called your "options" when we get to know you, find out what you would like help with and talk about the options that we can offer you. In Southampton this is called your "initial assessment"
A persistent and irrational fear of something, usually leading to avoidance, or distress if you have to face it. This becomes an issue if it stops you from doing things you want to do.
Primary Mental Health Worker
This is how you are put in touch with CAMHS; depending on the service you can be referred by GP, school or other health professional

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