Learning Disability: A state of arrested or incomplete development of mind, with significant impairment of intellectual functioning and significant impairment of adaptive/social functioning that occurs before age 18.


We realise that opening up to a new person can be quite a scary thought. You might not want to tell your CAMHS worker what you are thinking or how you are feeling because you think it sounds stupid, or you are worried how other people will think about you because of it. Everyone at CAMHS has had lots of experience working with children and young people, and there isn't much you could say that will shock them!

It is important to be open and honest, because this makes your relationship with your worker much more trusting and it helps them to know you better and give you the best help they can.

At your first meeting, you will be told about confidentiality. This means that whatever you say will be kept between you and your CAMHS worker, unless you give permission for it to be shared. Even then, you can say if you want your family, school or other people to know. We won't tell your parents if you say they nag you all the time!

In some circumstances, when we feel that your safety might be at risk, we will have to break our confidentiality and tell someone, usually your parent or carer, so that we can make sure you stay safe. If this happens we will talk it through with you first, and you can decide if you want to be there, or if you would prefer us to speak to them separately.

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